Yay or Nay – Nina Dobrev in a sweater and high heels

We all know and love Nina Dobrev and her fashion taste. Even so, she’s not immune to mistakes sometimes. Her latest outfit raised some questions about that.

Nina was at the screening of xXx: The Return of Xander Cage in LA. She opted for an interesting outfit which teamed a casual outfit with some very daring fashion items.

Nina rocked a stylish blue leather skirt with a tight fit and a short length. It showed off Nina’s superbly toned legs with great style.

Nina also rocked a pair of stylish sky high Louboutin high heels. This part of her outfit was quite good. Then, Nina teamed it with a classic knitted sweater. A very casual sweater at that. By itself it looks great, but does it look good like a balancing item of a daring outfit?

To be honest, we quite like Nina’s look. She pulls it off. But still we are not that sure about mixing fashion items that are so far apart from each other. Even so, Nina looked quite good.

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