Yay or Nay: Olivia Culpo’s outfit and heels at the Nine West 40th Anniversary

Olivia Culpo has had quite the run here. We love her style and bravery. But even she can sometimes make mistakes. Or has she? That’s what her outfit for the 40th Anniversary celebration party of Nine West has us wondering.

If we simply describe each piece, then the outfit sounds quite good. Olivia was rocking a blue denim jacket on top of a sheer white dress.

It was a long dress which was also transparent and Olivia had teamed it with a matching white bra and a black leather belt. The dress drew a lot of attention to Olivia’s legs.

She completed the outfit with a pair of elegant high heels. The shoes featured several straps and classic thin high heels.
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Olivia rocked her hair in a bun on the top of her head. She opted for classic accenting makeup without going crazy with it.

And that’s about it. An outfit which on the surface sounds quite simple and effective. And it was. But when you look at it, something somehow isn’t right. Maybe it’s a great outfit, but not “Olivia’s” outfit?
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Or maybe it’s great and we’re just wrong? That is possible, for sure. Whatever the case it’s a rare example of a time when we’re not absolutely in love with Olivia’s appearance. Even so, she still looks good, despite our subtle doubts.

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