Yay or Nay – Peyton List in a colorful outfit and high heels at the Why Him premiere

Peyton List is one of the most stylish and elegant celebrities at the moment. Even she though is not immune from the occasional weridish outfit and heels.

Actually, there’s nothing wrong with Peyton’s high heels in this case. They are terrific and look great.

Her heels are actually the best part of this particular look and outfit. It’s the one Peyton opted to wear for the Why Him? premiere in Westwood.

The heels were with several straps with the overall shape of booties. They featured thin and very high heels with peep-toes and no platform. Definitely very stylish.

But the rest of Peyton’s outfit was a bit of a head scratcher. It aimed for asymmetrical and colorful effect, but in the end it may have been a little bit too much.

It starts with a blue striped top which is tucked into an elegant black skirt with a loose fit. That’s great. But then we go into the details. Two oversized black bows rested on her shoulders which is a little weird.

Then, the skirt features green panels on one side which are tied together with a black bow. Part of the underlining of the skirt is also showing which has a colorful flower print.

It’s a bit too much we think. Maybe without the bows on the shoulders and the green panels, the outfit would look quite a lot better. We will always love the heels, though. They are awesome.

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