Yay or Nay: Rihanna’s cellophane wrapped high heels

Rihanna has always had a provocative style. This includes provoking the fashion industry as well. She did just that with her latest shoe choice.

Rihanna was out and about in New York when she attracted attention with her unusual footwear. Her outfit was also quite unique.

Rihanna rocked an oversized striped jacked with the shoulders slouched. It was pretty much the whole outfit with a pair of denim hotpants visible from time to time. She also rocked a white baseball cap.

But what was the actual focus of her look was the high heels. Rihanna rocked a classic, well-known style heels with crossing straps around the foot.

The kicker though was that this time she heels were wrapped in cellophane. Yep, cellophane wrapped high heels. This is a true Yay or Nay moment.

Can she start a new trend? We highly doubt it. As unique as it looks, it’s also bound to be quite hot and keeping air to the feet is vital.

Plus, it’s also not going to look good at all when it inevitably the cellophane gets dirty from the street. Or if it rains… or if it gets scuffed from rocks and pavement.

Even so, it’s definitely an unique look. But it’s a look reserved for the world of celebrities which is not always close to the real world.

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