Yay or Nay: Selena Gomez in a balloon golden dress and high heels in LA

On the whole, Selena Gomez has a great style. She often picks great outfits and high heels. But even she can have the occasional miss, or does she?

Selena was at the Netflix 13 Reasons Why premiere in LA. She opted for a slightly different style than usual.

Maybe that’s the reason why we asked ourselves “Yay or Nay”? It’s still Selena and she looks good, but somehow something is not right?

Can’t really understand what we mean? The main reason of our confusion is Selena’s dress. It’s metallic-golden-like. It starts with a fitted top and then becomes a balloon-style skirt.

But it’s also pinched so it looks like a soggy balloon. It’s definitely a weird shape. We do like the color and material and in a different shape, it would be absolutely stunning.

Selena opted for a pair of nude high heels with peep toes. They didn’t have any straps, to make her legs appear even longer. We feel like the heels should have also been in a different color to mix better with the dress.

Selena kept her hair in a bun and opted for interesting earrings. A dash of accenting golden makeup completed her look. Overall, it’s an outfit which could look a lot better with a couple of changes – the form and shape of the dress and the color of the heels. Do you agree?

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