Yay or Nay – Selena Gomez shopping in pajamas and high heels

Selena Gomez is back after her hiatus and looks a lot better. We are quite fond of her, but this time are a bit perplexed by her outfit of pajamas and heels.

On the whole, she does look quite good. Even though it looks like she’s wearing pajamas, indeed.

Selena has also opted for a stylish long sheer coat which she rocked unbuttoned. A pair of sky high elegant high heels completed her casual look.

This is how Selena went shopping in Santa Monica. She kept her hail in a ponytail and rocked accenting makeup.

On the whole she looked good, but mostly because it’s Selena Gomez after all. We don’t think a lot of other ladies could get away with opting for pajamas teamed with high heels for shopping. Maybe she did it to grab the attention?

Or maybe we are too critical? You decide. We are still on the fence.

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