Yay or Nay – Vanessa Hudgens’ wild Moschino dress and high heels

Vanessa Hudgens is among the usually stylish celebrities who don’t go overboard. Sometimes though she does allow herself some fashion freedom.

One of her latest attempts was a few days ago at the MOSCHINO Spring Summer 2018 Menswear and Women’s Resort Collection in LA. It was there where a lot of attendees went overboard with the new daring Moschino style.

Vanessa opted for a wild colorful dress in a tribal print. The main color of the dress was red, but it was barely visible from all of the additional drawings.

The dress looked a lot like pottery from ancient times or a ceramic pot. It came with a matching bolero jacket which Vanessa rocked for most of the time. The dress itself is a short one and shoulder-less, too.

Vanessa teamed it with a pair of elegant, red suede high heels. They featured pointy toes and added extra style to her look. A couple of silver ankle-bracelets added some sexyness, too.

Vanessa kept her hair short and loose. She opted for more daring makeup with yellow-ish eyeshadows and silver accents, but keeping her lips natural.

So, Yay or Nay on the outfit? To be honest, at first we’re firmly in the Nay column. But as we thought about it and were writing about it, the outfit started growing on us. It’s for sure not an outfit for everyone or every occasion. But Vanessa makes it work and the confidence she’s rocking it with also helps.

So, we’re going slightly in the Yay column, as well, but only for select occasions. It’s not an outfit that will be suitable for the office for example. Unless, you work at a really colorful or crazy place maybe.

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