Yay or Nay: Victoria Justice rocking an interesting blue-mesh dress and high heels

We’ve spent a lot of time here to say how much we love Victoria Justice and her style. Even so, she’s not immune to the occasional fashion misstep.

Victoria was among the guests of the 28th annual GLAAD Media Awards in LA. Usually, Victoria has an incredible, nearly flawless style.

This time it’s a bit interesting. She rocked an intricate and quite interesting dress. It starts off rather well.

The dress is blue and well fitted and ends as a mini dress. It’s also coming with long mesh sleeves.

Then comes the lower part of the dress. It’s made out of long tassels. The harsh critics might say it looks like the side of a curtain.

The good critic might say it looked unusual and interesting. It’s definitely a look that won’t be liked by everyone.

What can be liked by most people are Victoria’s high heels. They were very high and also very elegant. The heels featured peep toes and a classic thin ankle strap.

Victoria rocked her hair in her typical style – straight like an arrow and loose. She opted for a dash of accenting makeup and  some jewels.

Overall, she looked to quite like her outfit and played around with the tassels. That’s what actually matters, though. That she liked herself and felt comfortable and confident in her dress. That’s what fashion is about. So, while not everyone will like the dress, everyone will like her energy.

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