Yay or Nay – Victoria Justice’s dress at the amfAR generationCURE Solstice

We’ve grown used to Victoria Justice and her stunning outfits and style. But she can still have the occasional miss. Like at the latest amfAR event in NY.

Victoria was at the amfAR generationCURE Solstice in New York. We’re used to amfAR’s events to be a place for true high fashion where pretty much everything goes.

And that’s great. It gives a lot of freedom and options for fashion choices. And while most of them are impressive, some raise eyebrows.

Sadly this time one of our favorites falls into this category. Victoria Justice opted for a strange lace-ish dress with lots of red… sprinkles on it. The dress also had a widening part around the thighs.

It also had a white tube dress like part underneath. To be honest we think only it was going to look much better on Victoria.

Still, she seemed to like the dress and posed in it with confidence. She kept her hair in a ponytail and added her classic makeup style with slightly smoky eyes and accented lips.

One thing we do agree that it’s a definite “Yay” are her shoes. Victoria opted for a pair of dark blue ankle-strapped high heels. They had golden buckles at the ankle strap and thin, elegant heels.

On the whole, Victoria did look good. Even if we’re not really sure about the dress. How about you?

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