Yay or Nay: Victoria Justice’s unique booties at the 2017 Veuve Cliquot Polo Classic

It’s rare to feature Victoria Justice in the Yay or Nay column, but it happens. This time we’re wondering about her choice of footwear.

Victoria was among the many celebrity guests at the 2017 Veuve Cliquot Polo Classic in Los Angeles. She continued the trend of all denim outfits which is gaining steam.

Actually, we have nothing against the outfit. It’s lovely and suits Victoria quite well. It’s a three-piece all denim outfit by Rachel Zoe from the Spring 2018 collection.

The outfit features an elegant light blue denim jacket, matching elegant denim vest and matching denim hotpants. Victoria also put a pair of Quay Mod Star sunglasses for the classic look.

Then we come to the footwear. Victoria opted for Nine West Haywood booties. They feature blocky heels and pointed toes Also, they are covered in a flower motive, although from a far they look like cowgirl booties.

And while by themselves, the shoes are also good, we’re not that sure they go well with the rest of the outfit. Somehow they seem a bit too chunky for the slim look the blue denim gives.

Maybe it would have been better with slimmer, more elegant shoes? Or it’s a good balance for a elegant and stylish cowgirl look? It seems like the decision is up for everyone to make for themselves.

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