Yes, you can use high heels for self-defense

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Yes, you can use high heels for self-defense
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High heels can be killer not only in a fashion sense. They can be used for self-defense and there are even people that can teach you how to do that.

Avital Zeisler is a former ballerina, who is 26-years-old and has found a new calling. She has trained with military and law enforcement experts and has become a hand-to-hand expert heself. She has also trained actresses Kerri Russel, Megan Boone and Amanda Seyfried, The New York Times reports.

Today Zeisler has developed a high heels self-defense training class which she teaches in New York. She also holds workshops which are free and teach the same thing. “The objective is to disrupt the attacker’s thought process — even just to get him to blink,” Ms. Zeisler told the attedees at her last workshop.

There are others who teach the same, too. Including Jennifer Cassetta in Los Angeles. “Women feel very empowered wearing heels,” Ms. Cassetta said. “I love heels. I love the way my legs look in them. But most women can barely walk in them, let alone run. If you can’t run away, you better know how to fight off an attacker. You have to be prepared at all times, no matter what you’re wearing, no matter how tall you are.”

Zeisler is teaching the Soteria Method (Soteria being the Greek goddess of safety). ” She defines self-defense as “having the ability to create, live and protect a life that you love.”

“When I teach self-defense, I want to make sure it’s authentic to women,” said Ms. Zeisler, who has also written a book, “Weapons of Fitness.” These weapons can presumably include Christian Louboutins. “The point of training in heels is that if you’re wearing heels and targeted for an attack,” she said, “you’re equipped with a few survival strategies that can save your life.”

“It’s not just about learning it, it’s about getting it into your bones and the muscle memory of it. She had me picture the possibilities and imagine myself in these situations. If you have one exit and it’s blocked by the attacker, then what do you do?” (Answer: Scan the assailant to see if he is armed, then improvise a weapon, like a chair — or shoe. If these aren’t options, defense training enables a woman “to close in and neutralize the threat,” Ms. Zeisler said.)

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