Zendaya debuts a new look for her Daya shoe line unveiling

Zendaya has unveiled her new Daya shoe line with glamorous high heels. She debuted a new look at the star-studded event.

Zendaya has been involved in the fashion industry for a while now. She has a particular fondness for shoes and high heels. The 19-year-old actress’ latest shoe line is called Daya and was unveiled this past Friday in Los Angeles.

Daya has been created by Zendaya and her stylist and co-designer Law Roach. The shoe line is quite extensive and features all kinds of shoes. From sneakers, to flats to high heels. Every pair of shoes combines glamour and style with a touch of functionality and comfort. The main idea of Daya is to offer affordable shoes that look the part and don’t cost much.

Zendaya showed up for the event sporting a new look with a short, blonde-ish hair and more accenting make-up. The actress rocked an asymmetrical little black dress with a bow on the front.

Her high heels were high and a mixture of booties, lace and a touch of gladiator design. Overall a good look for Zendaya.

Her shoe line is expected to debut this spring.

Also on the event, we could see Veronica Dune in a stylish jumpsuit, coat and superb strapped high heels.

Paris Berelc rocked the event in a cut top, white pants and stylish high heels.

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