Zendaya turns into a butterfly with a stunning dress and high heels in Sydney

Zendaya is back in the spotlight with another impressive outfit. She has never been afraid of experimenting with unusual styles. And this latest effort is one of her most stunning yet.

Zendaya is in Sydney for the premiere of The Greatest Showman. She though stole the show from the Showman. At least in our minds.

Zendaya opted for a very impressive and glamorous dress that definitely is not something you would see if ever. But Zendaya not only opted for that dress, but also looked quite stunning in it, too.

It was a very intricate dress. The main colors of it were orange, red and black. The dress was shoulder-less with a floor-length and a train behind it.

The front of the dress is styled like a butterfly wing. It’s a very interesting and colorful design, that grabbed the attention immediately. The back of the dress was simple and classic with a smooth fit along the body.

The stunning piece also had a long side split. It showed off Zendaya’s toned legs, plus it made walking much easier. And it also showed off Zendaya’s footwear.

With such an attention-grabbing dress, Zendaya knew the shoes had to be discrete. So, she opted for a pair of classic ankle-strapped high heels. They were black, with very thin straps at the front and thin high heels at the back.

The shoes created a great, elegant and feminine look which completed the dress. Zendaya also opted to keep most of her hair in a small bun and styled some of it in an interesting comb-over.

She opted for dress-matching fire-y eyeshadows and a dash of lip gloss. This completed her incredible look along with a few jewels. Zendaya definitely wowed us with this outfit. It could have gone wrong, but at least of us, she pulled it off. Actually, it may be one of her best looks ever, all thanks to the unusual style and fashion bravery.

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